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Thanks to our clients and business partners, we have had another wonderful year. Apart from working with our Canadian clients from coast to coast. 2015 also brought us to some international locations and the Canadian territories. Here are some of the highlights of the year:

  • Caroline and Lionel presented at the 2015 Conference of International Association of Cross-Cultural Competence and Management in Vienna, Austria

  • Lionel facilitated a global sales leaders retreat for a German company in Cambridge, UK

  • Caroline led a workshop at a global security leaders retreat for a mining company in Denver, Colorado, US

  • Lionel conducted a workshop in Yellowknife, Northwest Territory

As we enter 2016, we are very pleased to have received funding from Alberta Government’s Foreign Qualification Initiative to run ten workshops to help employers enhancing their cross-cultural competence and promote hiring and integration of internationally educated professionals. We look forward to seeing senior business leaders, hiring managers and human resources professionals joining our workshops and sharing experiences and best practices.

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New Research

We are conducting a research to understand the success factors behind immigrants’ employment success in order to help newly arrived immigrants to effectively integrate into the Canadian economy. We welcome immigrants as well as hiring managers and HR professionals to complete our short survey.

If you immigrated to Canada after completing post secondary education in another country and are working or have worked on a professional job after immigrating to Canada, please click here. (Professional job is defined as a position that requires post-secondary education, regardless of the field.)

If you are an HR professional, a hiring manager or a staff member who is involved in training, mentoring or contributing in selecting and interviewing job applicants, please click here.

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