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Expatriates are sent on international assignments because they are very successful in their home country. In today's global economy, about 80% of the work is done the same way around the world. However, the 20%, that differs from culture to culture, accounts for more than 50% of people's overall performance.

Very often, these successful international assignees find themselves being rated as average or even below average performers overseas; which takes both themselves and the organization by surprise. Unsuccessful assignment results in a big loss for both organization and assignees. Our coaching program help assignees prepare for the culture shock they are likely to experience and identify communication and work approaches that will enable them to achieve their business and career objectives.

By helping assignees through the adaptation process, we can increase the success rate of the international assignment significantly. A number of our clients have achieved very high success rates by combining our coaching program with the training programs provided to the colleagues and managers of the assignees, which help them gain the ability to put themselves in the shoes of the assignees.

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Internationally educated professionals (IEPs) were usually very successful in their home country. They experience a significant drop in their social status, upon arrival in Canda, and often have difficulties finding employment that commensurate with their level of education and their skills. Many of those who have found a first job experience difficulties achieving a higher position. Our research shows that the secret to success, in Canada, is to take ownership of one's decisions and actions and to continuously work on improving one's soft skills, by Canadian standards.

Our coaching program help IEPs understand how Canada works and how to direct their energy to find a job or be promoted. By applying the advice they receive, they will be able to ensure that their professional efforts make a difference and are recognized by their Canadian colleagues and managers.

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Managers working in multicultural organizations often face the challenge of working with peers, employees and managers who are culturally different from themselves. On the one hand, as managers, other hand, as individuals, many of them have strong aspirations to advance their career within their organization; for that, however, they need to develop their people. As a result, their personal achievements may become limitations if they are not able to make their employees they have a pressing need to deliver business results and are often tempted to have their people do things their way; even when their employees are quite different from them. On themore effective or do not recognize the need to change their own behaviour.

Our coaching program focuses managers' attention on the cultural elements of leadership and helps them understand how to work with culturally different stakeholders (colleagues, employees, managers, clients, suppliers, etc.). The increased knowledge and commitment to change will result in managers building more effective teams, concurrently taking their own career to the next level.

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