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Do any of these situations ring a bell?

As a multinational organization, we are quite knowledgeable about cross-cultural issues. We want to take the effectiveness of our global / multicultural teams to the next level;

As a service organization, our employees frequently collaborate with clients and provide sophisticated solutions to complex problems. We want to increase our employees' cultural competence so they can work more effectively with colleagues and clients of diverse cultural backgrounds;

As a global organization, many of our high performing employees, especially those in senior positions, lead global teams, set up new international operations or integrate newly merged or acquired organizations. We want to set them up for success;

As an educational institution, we are seeing an increasing number of international students. We want to help them adapt to the Canadian school environment.

As a regulatory body, we are handling licensing / registration applications from an increasing number of internationally educated professionals. We want to ensure our licensing process is fair, transparent, timely and consistent for all applicants.

If so, MultiCultural Business Solutions (MCB) can help!


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How do we add value to your organization?  

In today's fast changing global economy, we must work with people who are different from us, no matter what the difference is. This brings both challenges and opportunities. MCB helps organizations, and individuals, manage diversity and turn challenges into opportunities to achieve business objectives. We see ourselves in four integrated roles:


Business Partner

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Change Agent

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  • Diversity is a business imperative!

  • We help organizations develop diversity strategies and build inclusion practice to achieve business results.

  • Change is the only constant in today's global economy.

  • We provide training and leadership development that drives organizational change and individual behavioural change.

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Employee Champion

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Service and Solution Centre

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  • People make the difference!

  • We help build best employer practices that give everyone an opportunity to succeed regardless of their origins.


  • We bring expert knowledge and best practices gained through working within and with multinational and multicultural organizations.

  • We provide integrated solutions at both the organization and the individual level.

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